Z-815I Switch di potenza con Power Meter ZigBee

  • Modello: DSZ815I

212.50 EUR

Z815I is a local in-wall switch that comes with one gang control type. Its enclosure is designed to replace conventional junction box installation wall switches. 
The switch on Z815I allow user to switch on/off electrical appliances that is attached at its AC outputs. 
Not only that Z815I enables user to switch locally but also wirelessly via paired ON/OFF ZigBee enabled remote controller, via smart phone, remote PC and even through other means of IOT network integration. 
Remote energy consumption monitoring is made possible with its in-built energy sensing mechanism. 
It can be used along side with PC based ZiG-BUTLER software to achieve smart home user scene such as scheduler, mode of operation, scenes and the most wanted feature -the scheme.

Caratteristiche del prodotto:
  • ZigBee device type: On/Off Light Switch
  • Standard Junction Box
  • Support energy consumption management
  • Overload protection
  • Can be controlled by any ZigBee compatible remotes
  • In-built ZigBee router feature.

Input Power 85~250VAC max. /50/60 Hz
Resistive Load: 8A/250VAC@each output; 2000VA
Inductive Load: ½ HP(Horsepower)/250VAC;0.25 HP/125VAC
Consumption monitoring range: 100mA~8A (HW v7.2) with ± 1% accuracy w/ 1mA absolute resolution
Frequency/Protocol: 2.405~2.480 GHz/ IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Pro
Communication Range: Up to 50 meters indoor
Operating Ambient: Temperature -10~50℃, Humidity max. 5~85%RH
Product dimension: 84.5mm x 84.5mm x 33.5mm

Scheda prodotto (PDF, 122KB)

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